MDW - With Corian exploring the World of Maximalism

Mystery Tunnel by Christoph Radl - Ph 4aMagazine

In Milan for Design Week "CORIAN® CABANA CLUB" is the best exhibition we have see. Organized by Corian® Design and Cabana Magazine proposes a multicultural and emotional journey into the world of Maximalism.
Through a giant doorway and experiential path that combine Corian® with a variety of fascinating decorative patterns, lighting effects and music, visitors travel to a surprising village: the “Corian® Cabana Club”.

Mexican Bedroom Styled by Antonio Marras with Paolo Bazzani - Ph 4aMagazine
Seven cabanas made up of seven maximalist scenes, each one styled by a different creative and inspired by a different culture. Corian® design surface is a key element in each cabana and scene. The centerpiece of the village is an iconic sculptural piece in Corian® designed by Martino Berghinz that delicately interacts with water.

American Bathroom Styled by Carolina Irving - Ph 4aMagazine
The exhibition is divided into three areas, the Gateway and the Mystery Tunnel, designed by Christoph Radl, and the Village with seven proposals:
Mexican Bedroom Styled by Antonio Marras in collaboration with Paolo Bazzani
English Study Styled by Ashley Hicks
American Bathroom Styled by Carolina Irving
Chinese Meditation Room Styled by Idarica Gazzoni
Russian Living Room Styled by Nathalie Farman-Farma
Moroccan Kitchen Styled by Stephan Janson
Tyrolean Stube Styled by Susanne Thun

Chinese Meditation Room Styled by Idarica Gazzoni - Ph 4aMagazine
Life, culture, and style evolve. The evolution of Corian® is a bold step forward. First created as a high performance material for kitchen and bathroom worksurfaces, Corian® is now a leading global brand in advanced surfacing solutions for interior design and architecture and in this performance he proved his versatility in any situation and setting.


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