A crystal box for Menoventi

The new design of Menoventi, developed by architect Michelangelo Olivieri, has been inspired by the ice element, from its purity and transparency.

The architect has redefined the interior spaces of the industrial building by imagining a sort of "box in the box": leaving the original building unchanged, he has chosen to place a self-supporting steel structure that would grow in height. This transparent box holds meeting rooms, offices and reception. The entire surface, based on an elegant oak floor, is divided by plasterboard walls with highly reflective surfaces, while the perimeter of the same office, as well as the doors, is completely transparent. The view is completely open, free to wander between internal and external spaces. Through the glass element, Michelangelo Olivieri has cleverly met technical needs, but with a great aesthetic impact choice.

The wood is the oxymoronic element of the project: the warmth of teak and oak is in contrast with the rigor and cleanliness of the glass and the white colour, as well as with the function of the company: to provide frozen products. 
The glazed surfaces, together with the white and the gloss of the metal, completes the picture of the site, offering the same type of visible reflections on a glacier surface.

The project has been designed following eco-sustainability requirements: LED lighting solutions with strong visual impact have been installed, but they are characterized by minimal energy costs.

The recurring element in the m12 AD projects is the high care for the details and the use of sophisticated cabinetry solutions that transforms otherwise unusable niches, recesses and spaces into containers or furnishing items. The lighting fixtures and furnishings were commissioned on design and handcrafted.

Info: m12 AD

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