Vivian Maier, A founded photographer

From March 3rd to May 27th 2018 the charming Palazzo Pallavicini in Bologna, in the Renaissance rooms of the Palace presents "Vivian Maier - La fotografa ritrovata", an extraordinary exhibition with the amazing original photographs of one of the most appreciated photographers of this century. The exhibition is carried out by Palazzo Pallavicini curated by Anne Morin of DiChroma Photography based on the photos of the Maloof Collection archive and the Howard Greendberg Gallery in New York.


The exhibition offers the public an exceptional tour with various thematic sections, facing Maier’s dearest and closest topics: childhood, self-portraits, portraits, street life, objects and colour.For the exhibition the curator performed a very accurate selection of the thousands of photographs available; it consist in 120 black and white photographs, 10 of which are in large format, 90 in medium format plus a wonderful selection of 20 colour photos regarding the artist’s collection of the seventies.

MARCH 1954, NEW YORK, Vivian Maier

The work of Vivian Maier (1926-2009) wasn’t discovered until 2007, when John Maloof, a second – hand dealer’s son, bought a box at an auction. Inside the box there were female personal belongings of all kinds belonging to a woman, Vivian Maier, the contents were auctioned off due to non-payment of the rent. Among these objects a box was found with hundreds of negatives and rolls of film, not developed yet. After printing some of them and showing them around, Maloof realizes the huge treasure that he had and, thanks to his intuition and an effective distribution, he brought in no time to this unknown photographer a worldwide fame.

Untitled 1953, Vivian Maier

After Maier's death, her photographs were exhibited all over the world: in her country, the USA, as well as in Europe from Denmark, England, and France, to Italy in the last few years and now in Bologna with the exhibition "Vivian Maier – La fotografa ritrovata". 

JULY 1957, CHICAGO SUBURB, Vivian Maier

The unique nature of Vivian Maier is expressed by her great talent of taking pictures capturing evocative details of everyday life rather than the wider picture, showing the streets, people, objects and landscapes. The lens of her camera carefully captures subjects not taken into account at the time, making them instead main characters of her work: the streets are her stage.

Vivian Maier – La fotografa ritrovata

Curated by Anne Morin
Promoted by Pallavicini s.r.l.
Palazzo Pallavicini 
Via San Felice 24 
Bologna (Italy)

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