Uranio, Cemento & Grafite

The independent and non-profit exhibition space for contemporary art AlbumArte in Rome presents Zaelia Bishop and his personal exhibition Uranio, Cemento e Grafite. The show is curated by Silvano Manganaro and open until May 16th. The exhibition highlights the last unexpected turn in the artist’s research and practice.
Uranio, Cemento e Grafite unveils a series of site specific works all of which have never been exhibited  previously, expressing a completely new kind of focus and representing the most recent path developed by Bishop in the last couple of years. The works are designed as a reflection on margins and boundaries, both material and mental.
What’s beyond the limits of form? What delineates a space? What’s on the other side of the margin? Be it the irregular line drawn between two countries, the sides of a polygon, or the fragmented edge of a stone, Zaelia Bishop investigates these issues through his artistic process. Marble waste, pencil mines, organic and botanical objects become the catalysts to trigger a chain reaction in our thinking – inspiring a way to think differently and, perhaps, better.
Info: AlbumArte

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