Palermo and the European nomadic biennial

Manifesta 12 is the European nomadic biennial and present the work of 50 artists to the public at 20 different venues in Palermo until 4 November 2018. A diffuse network of events including artistic installations, videos, performances, urban actions, and literary projects constitutes The Planetary Garden. 

(Ph courtesy of Manifesta 12)
Founded in 1993 and still lead by art historian Hedwig Fijen, initiated Manifesta 12 together with the city of Palermo and within the framework of its programme as Italian Capital of Culture. Is presents 35 new works specially commissioned from artists, writers, architects, and film directors, all invited to carry out on-site explorations in recent months and to subsequently develop projects in close collaboration with local grassroots organisations, activists, and art producers. 

(Ph courtesy of Manifesa 12)
The starting point of the curatorial project The Planetary Garden. Cultivating Coexistence is the cultural syncretism inherent in both the natural world and in the past and present of Palermo, takes on the botanical metaphor of the garden designer and philosopher Gilles Clément who sees the world we inhabit as a garden to be tended.

(Ph courtesy of Manifesa 12)
Inspired from the painting "View of Palermo" by the Sicilian landscape artist Francesco Lojacono, where harmonious coexistence reigns among a number of plants, none of which are native to the island, the artistic projects are conceived as a critical response to the contemporary world’s most urgent problems with particular attention given to issues connected with international mobility and migratory flows.

(Ph courtesy of Manifesa 12)

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