Chaos & Silence

"The sights and sounds of the cosmos" Ankon Mitra Artist
Tradition, culture, innovation, sustainability: these are the key words to the Lucca Biennale, the biggest event in the world on Paper Art, Paper Design and Paper Architecture. The Biennale brings the city of Lucca to life during the summer months, creating open air and indoor exhibitions, monumental sculptures, architectures, conferences, workshops and many other events dedicated to the world of paper.
A platform, an opportunity, a place to meet and discover for hundreds of artists  enriching Lucca between August and September. It's an initiative that offers the experience and discovery of the artistic and technological aspects of the traditional Lucca paper production, through a variety of events created for all kinds of visitors, from the art lovers to the curious that are searching for an alternative cultural experience.

"Silent shell, chaotic shell" Eugénie Tazé-Bernard Artist - ph by Patrizia Falconetti

This Year the topic is : Chaos & Silence. "Today, an excess of stimuli, news, positive or negative notions, induce human beings into a state of numbness due to an information overload. This numbness makes us perceive all inputs equal to others: the enormous quantity of stress we are subjected to makes distinguishing the specific qualities of each stimulus difficult. The world around us becomes confusing and indecipherable. In this context the search for silence, clarity and peace, appears to be an essential need for contemporary society in response to this developing chaos. At the same time there is, in this chaotic and dense nebula, a continuous movement and contact with different particles: and this is where the origins of great creative possibilities are concealed and the sign of a body which is extremely alive, responsive, diverse and interlinked, as is today's society. In opposition to this, silence becomes synonymous with isolation, disconnection, and refusal of confrontation." that's what the director of the Biennale says.

Until 27th September 2018 
Lucca. Italy

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