Genova in blue, Marine Intelligences

On the occasion of the 58th Genova Boat Show, at Palazzo Ducale two exhibitions in the context of "Genovainblu the Salone in the city."

WHALE, 2006 
wooden sculpture assembled

"Marine Intelligences" curated by Virginia Monteverde at Ducale Spazio Aperto with the works of: Gabriele Buratti, Gregorio Giannotta, Giuseppe La Spada and Alessandra Politi Pagnoni. Different techniques used by artists who, through their art, represent the beauty of the sea and its inhabitants with a common message: living the sea respecting him.

Environmental adjuvant
oil painting on canvas
At the same time in the Spazio 46 of Palazzo Ducale there is a photographic exhibition "Arena del Mare Live - Concert photography"
The artists of the music and entertainment that animated the summer evenings of the Old Port of Genova, photographed by: Sara Ciommei, Marina Mazzoli, Giulia Spinelli, Riccardo Tenca.
The two exhibitions are open until September 25th

Inauguration on September 15th 2018 at 6.00pm

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