STARS. Portraits of Terry O'Neill

Until February 17, 2019 the "Magazzino delle idee" in Trieste the exhibition "STARS. Portraits of Terry O'Neill", curated by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz, a retrospective dedicated to the British photographer of the legends of the cinema and music from the Sixties to the Nineties, known for its revolutionary approach to portraiture, with an intimate and natural style in tune with the younger generations.

  Faye Dunaway in the day after receiving the Oscar (Beverly Hills, 1977)                                 courtesy Iconic Image © Terry O'Neill 2018  

"I was very lucky. I was in the right place at the right time, in the London of the Sixties, living and documenting live. "

    Brigitte Bardot    in the set movie  "The Legend  of  Franchie King"

by Chistian Jaquie, 1971 courtesy Iconic Image ©Terry O'Neill 2018   
The exhibition is divided into six thematic sections: "Top model", "Politicians, sovereigns and sportsmen", "The Sixties", "The Seventies", "Hollywood and the Eighties", "Star of pop and rock" ".
Through 65 color and black and white images, the exhibition traces over 50 years of the photographer's career, presenting some of his most famous shots, which unveil the beginnings of musical groups including the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, as well as the backstage of the filming of mythical films, such as the James Bond saga, up to some of his latest shots, including the photo of Pelé, official image of the World Cup 2014, and the portrait of Mandela on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

    David Bowie posing for a   newspaper  from  Los Angeles, 1974          

    courtesy Iconic Image       ©Terry O'Neill 2018        
At the end of the exhibition, in collaboration with the Casa del Cinema in Trieste, a room was set up with the reproduction of the photo set Faye Dunaway in the day after receiving the Oscar (Beverly Hills, 1977). Through the gigantography of the backdrop, full-length, and the installation of the objects portrayed, the visitor immerses himself in the image entering the photograph and interpreting the actress according to his own subjective vision, thus giving an even more original fruition of the exhibition.

The exhibition is organized by "Ente regionale per il patrimonio culturale del Friuli Venezia Giulia" in collaboration with Iconic Images. A calendar of events will animate Wednesdays and Saturdays in which the cinema together with the music and the image are dedicated to some of the great celebrities protagonists of the photographic portraits in exhibition.

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