A museum for Rossini

For those arriving in central Italy, the Marche region is one of the territories where sea and mountains are very close. Only walking through the streets of the Adriatic coast will you happen to listen to the notes of classic music. So why not visit the brand new Museum dedicated to Giocchino Rossini which is located in Pesaro!

The National Rossini Museum tells the story of Gioachino Rossini’s life and stature as a composer, and gives an account of the current status of his operas. Rossini was born in Pesaro on 29 February 1792 and is one of its most illustrious citizens.Visitors can enter the world of Rossini, arranged like an opera, a musical metaphor for a life lived to the full. A fascinating itinerary, set out in ten rooms that follow the various steps of the composer’s life and the endless production of operas during his career, all framed by the historical background at the time and the places and characters associated with him.

In a charming neoclassical setting, the tale unwinds through each room, each with a different colour and frescoed ceilings showing beautifully preserved mythological themes, with pictures, busts, artefacts, original musical scores, librettos and sets; they are equipped with the latest multimedia and interactive supports designed to enhance the experience. Extraordinary documents and materials are ordered scientifically thanks to help from the Rossini Foundation, and there are videos of famous editions of the Rossini Opera Festival. The museum provides a unique, compelling, dramatic depiction of a long artistic and sentimental journey, packed with anecdote; his life was filled with melodrama, both serious and comic, with sadness and love incredible fiascos and great successes; a life that straddled revolutions, political restorations, theatres, salons, historic characters and intellectual upheavals including the age of enlightenment, neoclassicism and romanticism. An epic that cuts across the cultural movements of Europe between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and continues to this day.

He plays the leading role, the son of an age that generated the first pop star in the history of European music before the term was coined: Gioachino Rossini. To not miss the exciting experience of being in the world of Rossini at 360 °, also visit his home which also has a wine shop and the sonosphere inside Palazzo Mosca. You will feel like you have gone back in time and lived in a theatrical performance.

“He was a genius on the run.
From his times, from mediocrity,
from the revolution,
from music of the future,
from his country, from obviousness,
from pedants, from modernity.
Of course, like everyone else,
also from himself.”
Alessandro Baricco


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