Initially it was a refrigerator

It was Smeg who introduced us to our dream refrigerator.
Or at least it happened to me that still have a Smeg on the list of my unattainable desires.

Photo courtesy of SMEG ITALIA
 It was SMEG, Italian company known all over the world, the first to make appliances that were also truly beautiful furnishing accessories.  Rounded soft lines, inspired by the '50s that focus entirely on colors.  Pastel, soft, lively, decorated (see last photo↔️ "majolica"), artistic. This trend of mixing beauty and utility dates back to the 90s. The trend of having (or wanting) a beautyfridge, skincarefridge, makeupfridge or beautycooler is more recent: a smaller fridge in which to store cosmetics, especially skincare (see some examples in photos).

If you try searching for these HT (words with #) on Instagram, you will find many accounts of recently born companies and you will find many of these items on Amazon, eBay and some skincare companies sell their own.

Photo courtesy of SMEG ITALIA
Many undeniably took inspiration from Smeg for colors, stylistic reference period and shapes.
Far from me talking about technical specifications. I only know that they are beautiful. But are they really needed? Theoretically not: the products are tested to withstand high temperatures. It is true anyway that there are some products that retain their characteristics intact only if stored away from light and heat: one for all the vitamin C serum. It is also true that cold is decongesting, refreshing, soothes redness and itching, reduces puffiness and acts on circulation, as in the case of undereye bags and dark circles. Plus, some organic products also recommend storage in the refrigerator because they are free of chemical preservatives. Products that benefit from storage in the fridge: the ones with antioxidants, natural products free of preservatives, some topical drugs, perfumes, nail polish, eye creams, tools such as jade rollers and  Gua Sha which drain and reactivate the circulation, sheetmasks, face mists, after sun creams, creams for the relief of tired legs.
Products that should not be kept in the fridge: primers with silicones, oils and all the make up. The ideal temperature for storing makeup is 24 degrees, away from sunlight. 
Photo courtesy of SMEG ITALIA
So I ask you: do you have a mini fridge for cosmetics? Are you going to buy one of these “toy fridges”? Do you keep your skincare in the big one at home, in these summer days, running the risk that everyone discovers the capital invested in skincare? Or: do you have a corner of the house that is cool and protected from direct sunlight which could be enough?

I live on the mountains but honestly this came to my mind thinking about the very high temperatures of the plains or of some seaside resorts and opening my old products with vitamin C, now irreparably oxidized!


 written by Chiara Monteverde

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