The silent architectures

Everyone knows Rimini, for the Movida and the discos that had been famous in the summers on the Riviera since the 1960s. If you are there and you are fascinated by abandoned places go to visit one of the historical discos of the 60s located in Milano Marittima.

"Woodpecker" is an abstract and minimal structure born from the idea of ​​the architect Filippo Monti. A kind of floating disco far from the inhabited centers characterized by a crater surrounded by a high dune with a platform covered in yellow Siena marble, cut out on circular ponds and a large fiberglass dome that covered the dance floor.

Today the disco no longer exists but the structure has been perfectly preserved and maintained in perfect condition and events are often organized. A curiosity: inside the dome you can see a great work of the famous street artist Blu.

There is hope that Woodpecker will soon return to live with cultural events and a new disco.

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